Pety Smart NFC - Pet Identification and Support To Find Lost Pets

Pety Smart NFC is a pet device that is integrated with the Pety app to identify pets. You just need to bring your smart phone close to this device to retrieve information about your pet quickly & accurately.

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Pety Smart NFC - Smart Pet Collar
Pety Smart NFC - Smart Pet Collar

Smart technology makes it easy to identify pets

Upon creating a pet profile on Pety, you will have an identifiable address and can be accessed anytime and anywhere on a global scale. Pet's information on Pety includes: name, age, breed, health information and owner information.

Compact size, high sensitivity, easy operation

With a size as small as a coin, the light and durable imported Pullup leather, Pety Smart NFC is integrated with chip Near Field Communication with high sensitivity. Just bring your smart phone close, Pety Smart NFC connects and communicates with your phone in the blink of an eye. 


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Does my pet indeed need a Pety Smart NFC tag?

Consider the benefits this little tag offers:

✅ Someone with a smartphone can easily access your pet's profile by flicking the name tag.

✅ You can see immediately who scanned your NFC tag and where is scanned.

✅ When you turn on the Lost mode for your Pet profile on Pety app, someone scans your Pety Smart NFC tag, the browser immediately displays your pet's profile. Simultaneously, you receive a notification of the location where the tag has just been scanned.

Leather necklace set and Pety Smart NFC tag

Combining fashion and function Imported Pullup leather with flexible and durable makes your pet comfort

Silver alloy needle lock and D ring contribute to the elegance and harmony of the product. 

We have 3 different sizes tailored for your pet which different weights:

- Small size for Pet 2 - 5 Kilograms 

- Medium size for Pet 5 - 10 Kilograms

- Large size for Pet 10 - 18 Kilograms 

No worry if your pet weighs over 18 kg, just contact us via, we can produce a suit size for your pet.  

Please note that: Pety Smart NFC is interacted with Pet profile on Pety App. So you should create your owner Pet profile on Pety App first. Then, we can support to write your pet profile to the chip tag. 

About Pety App 

Pety is a platform for pet lovers with a purpose to bring a new lifestyle for pet lovers and their pets by connecting the pet ecosystem with unique features and helping them to take care of their pets easier: Social community, Booking pet services, Find Lost Pet and Adoption… 

Besides that, Pety would like to create a large community of animal lovers, humanity, and compassion to protect & help abandoned pets, transmit animal protection messages across the country and region. 

Let's download the app and experience! 

Contact us:

Hotline: +84 964 665 005

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