Pety Media - Marketing & Branding Solutions For Pet Businesses

After more than two years of operation in the pet industry, and more than ten years in the field of Performance Marketing, the Pety team is confident in our ability to provide effective services and campaigns to our partners. 

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Pety - Marketing & Branding Solutions For Pet Businesses
Pety - Marketing & Branding Solutions For Pet Businesses

We are the leading marketing and consulting agency in the pet industry. Our outside-of-the-box thinking has allowed us to deliver exceptional results for some of the most innovative brands in the pet industry. Our passion is helping our clients succeed – and we work tirelessly to make sure they do!

Pety is an online platform that owns Vietnam's largest pet ecosystem, which includes 100.000 pet owners and identified pet profiles on the Pety app.

Our pet care knowledge website attracts several hundred thousands of visitors every month.

All popular digital channels and tools are supported, including Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, email marketing, SMS, and Zalo AO.

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Nearly 100 partners have cooperated and been satisfied with Pety's services

Our Main Services

1. Advertising

The key message of your brand is consistently communicated across our ecosystem and digital media platforms. In that case, advertising on Pety ecosystem platforms will be delivered to pet-owning customers in a variety of ways, including:

pety media services

Pety Carousel formats display 3-5 linked images in a single ad.

Pety Rewards - A loyalty program

Pety Reward is a platform that connects Pet Owners and Businesses, bringing benefits to both parties: Users can redeem what they want; businesses reach out to and acquire more customers through the feature of accumulating coins for each customer's activity.

Pety Review -  A program to evaluate products and services from Pety users

Pety owns a professional Pet Reviewer team with real image and video reviews of products and services.

Social media content

The article shares information about the company's products and services, reaching more than 100K Pety users.

2. Content Development and Production Services

Pety owns a professional Content Creator team that assists businesses in creating content about products, services, and brand-related knowledge in a variety of formats:

Social articles: Unique information, knowledge, and messages about products and services that businesses want to convey to target customers.

Podcast: Pet care experts share their knowledge and opinions on raising pets.

Reality show: Pety programs in collaboration with Rescue Stations, Foster tells about the journey of taking care of abandoned cats and dogs.

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3. Event Organization Services

Pety has had the opportunity to contact and learn from genuine pet lovers during his recent journey of connecting the pet ecosystem. Furthermore, the Pety team considers it an honor to accompany the leading brands in the pet industry. As a result, we are confident in our ability to provide the highest quality of service in the following categories:

Lifestyle Events

Stir up the pet-loving community with exciting events. "Sen and Boss" will have a place to play minigames together, compete in challenges, share, be proud of their pets, and personify the pet as a companion to the owner. These campaigns will help to build and spread the enterprise spirit throughout the community.

Community and CSR Events

Pety has successfully conducted events to honor silent rescuers, connecting them with businesses, and intending to give all pets a happy home. has a caring and loving heart Businesses could use this opportunity to spread beautiful images to the community and target customers.

Product Launch Events

These are intended to generate product impressions while also attracting potential customers and partners. Pety's team is confident in every step of your product launch event because we have extensive experience organizing events for pets and pet lovers.

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4. Booking KOL/KOC and Pet Talent Services

Booking KOL/KOC is the best solution for companies that need to launch KOL marketing campaigns.

Booking service KOL/KOC review products, services

According to a Pety survey of 1000 pet owners, 76% will read reviews, ask for and see reviews/experiences from the community and friends before purchasing products/services. Pety connects the system to over 50+ Pet KOL/KOC. Businesses simply need to make a request and orientation, and Pety will provide a list of suitable KOLs/KOCs at the best prices.

Pet Talent Booking Service

With over 100K pet-owning users, Pety has no shortage of pet faces with shimmering looks and special talents such as modeling and TV commercial actors. Businesses only need to send casting information and required species, and Pety will send the brightest faces to partners!

booking KOL Pety

5. Brand Image Building And Identity Design Services

A small, well-coordinated team with high-quality standards. This allows Pety to maintain a close relationship with our customers while providing solutions that are both professional and cost-effective.

Product photography, catalog

Pety will hand over all raw files (200 images). Take four concepts, each with ten professional retouched images.

Business profile photo

A photo shoot at the Enterprise's location. Take four concepts and choose three professional retouched images for each. Pety will turn over all raw files (200 images).

Design brand identity

Create a professional brand identity that is synchronous and consistent. The brand identity kit will help your company differentiate itself from competitors by improving communication efficiency and increasing customer trust.

  • The brand identity set includes: Logo; Namecards; Website design; Media publications: Banner ads, posters, catalogs, flyers, brochures, standees, cover photos of social media sites...
  • Store introduction video: Pety Reviewers/ KOL/ KOC will come to the location to shoot a video introducing the store according to the orientation and requirements of your business.

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Please contact us for more details

Ms. Cat Tuong - Partnership Manager


Phone number: 0964 665 005

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